When to call a collection agency?


Are you having trouble with customers who don’t pay their bills? You’re not the only one! Many freelancers and entrepreneurs have to face it. Nowadays, we have a lot of communication tools to reach non-paying customers. Nonetheless, sometimes an unpaid invoice is not a matter of forgetting, but of deliberate escape. This is, for example, because the customer cannot or does not want to pay. Fortunately, you can hire a debt collection agency to get your hard earned money back. But when is the right time to hire a collection agency? You can read more about it in this article!

Reflect and consider

Bills that are not paid are a headache. Pursuing them costs you a lot of time and energy and above all a lot of frustration! In addition, funds that have not been secured can hamper the growth of your own business or even endanger its existence. After all, if the money is delayed, it is difficult to pay your own bills or invest.

Despite all the frustration, it is important not to send a formal reminder (Dutch: aanmaning) from a collection agency immediately one day after the expiration of the payment period. This sharpens relationships and can put pressure on the relationship with your client. If it turns out that it is all about forgetting, then the intervention of a collection agency is a rather brutal and less friendly approach. Therefore, always think carefully about who the customer is. Does he have

or she has been a customer for a long time and how is the communication normally? Consider the situation and try to contact him first. Maybe he or she just forgot!

First step

Have you called and / or emailed the customer and there is still no response? Then you can send a formal reminder. Here you ask the customer to proceed with the payment. Sometimes a second reminder is needed to be able to successfully collect the payment. If payment is still not made after the reminder (s), you can use a collection agency. Fortunately, there are debt collection agencies that act decisively and in the meantime are extremely user-friendly, so that no customer relationship is involved. Debt collection agency Credifin (Dutch: Credifin incassobureau), for example, proves that communicating in a friendly and yet very clear way goes hand in hand!

Take action!

Have you called, emailed, and sent reminders multiple times, but the payment still fails? So now is the time to use a collection agency. Don’t wait too long with this, as bad debts can also become time-barred. If this happens, you can no longer claim your money. And then you are still in trouble … The legal payment period is five years, so keep that in mind!

We wish you every success in raising your funds!


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