Top Debt Collection Agency approached for role in Top TV Soap


Leading Debt Collection Agency Federal Management landed a role in the top TV Soap Coronation Street he emerged.

The highly revered debt collection organisation, headquartered in Lancashire, has been approached to help with scriptwriting for the upcoming screenplays. A debt collection based scenario should be put in place and leading Federal Management debt collection experts have been recruited to assist.

The filmed scenes will be broadcast to millions of Coronation Street viewers in January next year. It is understood that the soap opera will have a tense debt collection story featuring some of the soap operas’ favorite characters and an unpaid CCJ number.

The Coronation Street screenwriters sought expert advice from federal leadership on the scripts and scenes. They wanted to make sure that the captivating scenes were as faithful and engaging as possible.

It has not been revealed which Coronation Street characters will feature in the tense scenes, but it is understood that they are well-known characters. This isn’t the first time debt collectors have been featured on the show over the years, but it concerns an unpaid county court judgment.

Federal Management Managing Director Marc Curtis-Smith said: “One of the main characters is going to be dealing with a debt issue, so we’ve been approached by the producers to verify the authenticity of the script and scenes. “

“This involved ensuring that the writers used accurate industry terminology appropriate to the situation at hand. Many of our staff are regular viewers of the show, so we were honored to be asked for script advice and it’s a testament to our expertise in the area of ​​debt collection.

Federal Management’s debt collection expertise has been sought by other shows over the years, such as television series and documentaries in their nearly twenty-year history.

The award-winning debt collection agency is highly revered in the debt collection world. They specialize primarily in corporate debt collection and have acted for many high profile companies as well as small businesses. Their sister company is Frontline Collections.

It is believed that, especially in these turbulent economic times, presenting a debt collection storyline will strike the chords of many Coronation Street viewers. It will also highlight the effectiveness of businesses working with a professional debt collection agency.

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