The Washington Collection Agency Licensing Board establishes Nov. 3.


The Washington State Collection Agency Licensing Board (CAB) will hold a special meeting on November 3 to review the language of its standing rule on remote working for licensed collection agencies.

The continuing language of the rules, with input from ACA International staff and members, was discussed by the CAB Rules Committee on October 29.

Meetings are open to the public via Zoom to allow anyone to observe the proceedings and provide comments or questions at the end of each committee meeting.

Andrew Madden, International Vice President of State Unity and Government Affairs, ACA, and Kevin Underwood, ACA Fellow, Lawyer at Linebarger Godden, Blair & Sampson LLP, are among six subject matter experts. within the rules committee. The committee also includes two CAB members, including Mark Case, ACA member, general counsel of Receivables Performance Management LLC.

The CAB will review and vote on the wording for the permanent rule at the November 3 meeting, and there will be a public comment period before the rule is finalized.

Meanwhile, the initial temporary homework rule was established in June and recently extended until February 17, 2021, the ACA previously reported.

This temporary rule is intended to allow collection agency employees to work remotely, but it does not change the Washington Collection Agency Act (WAC) requirements for collection activities, according to the CAB rule approved in June. As long as the temporary rule is in place, licensed agencies with employees working remotely should continue to conduct their business in a manner that complies with collection agency laws and rules and to protect data.

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