The Romanian Tax Collection Agency prepares a draft law on the tax on the exceptional income of energy producers


The Romanian AnaF Tax Perception Agency wrote and published for public consultation a bill for the levy of a 80% tax on the revenue generated by electrical products exceeding 450 Ron (EUR 90) by MWh.

The average price of electricity on the spot market in December, when 40% of the electricity delivered to end users was purchased on this market, was RON 1,139 per MWh and the high price of CO2 certificates was partly responsible for this. responsible, Ziarul Financiar reported.

A windfall tax like the one proposed by ANAF was announced at the end of last year as a source of funding for energy consumption subsidies – which were applied from November and are to be reinforced by the government for the period February-March.

At the same time, this windfall tax can be seen as a means of compensating the difference between electricity producers burning fossil fuels (and for whom the tax is exempt) and other electricity producers. This has the effect of temporarily offsetting the effects of the CO2 certificate system set up at European Union level to discourage the use of fossil fuels or capture so-called externalities.

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