The expertise of a collection agency solicited by the biggest television soap opera


Leading debt collection agency Federal Management has been given a key role in legendary Manchester-based soap opera Coronation Street.

The highly revered debt collection firm has been enlisted to help with the scripts for a future storyline in the long-running soap opera.

The respective episodes are set to air to millions of viewers in January 2023. They will feature a tense debt collection storyline involving some of the show’s well-known characters.

The Coronation Street script writing team enlisted the help of federal leadership to ensure the gripping script was as true to reality as possible. The captivating scenes will be realistic and will have viewers sitting on the edge of their seat.

The scriptwriters and the federal management have remained discreet about the actors who will be involved in the scenes to be shown next year.

Federal Management Managing Director Marc Curtis-Smith said, “One of the main characters is going to be dealing with an unpaid CCJ debt issue, so we’ve been approached by the producers to verify the authenticity of the scripts and scenes.

“This involved ensuring that the writers used accurate industry terminology and that the facts used were legally correct. Many of our staff are regular viewers of the show, so we were honored to have been asked for advice on the scripts.

Federal management have also been named as key advisers for future scriptwriting projects involving debt collection from the popular ITV show.

This isn’t the first time Federal Management has been called upon to assist screenwriters and television program producers.

They have previously advised television producers on scripts and narratives for various television presentations and documentaries. The award-winning debt collection specialist has been established for almost 20 years and is highly regarded in the business world.

Their professional debt collection services have been used by many high profile and prestigious organizations as well as small businesses in the UK and overseas. Their sister company is Frontline Collections, a famous name in the world of private and personal debt collectors.

It’s not the first time that a debt collection storyline has been at the forefront of thrilling episodes of Coronation Street. The role of an “illegal” debt collector has been taken on in the past by one of the soap opera’s favorite stars Mikey North.

It is understood that episodes on which Federal leadership has advised will include the CCJ’s enforcement of unpaid debts owed by a character.


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