Sydney’s Dynamic Software Solutions launches printer data collection device for print resellers – Hardware – Print


Channel wholesaler Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS) has launched a printer metrics data collection device for print resellers.

Called the Intelligent Data Collection Appliance (iDCA), the device works with ECI’s FMAudit data collection software or Printanista Hub managed print services software to capture customer printer metric data onsite, remotely or in the cloud.

iDCA would collect all non-sensitive metric data from the printer, including paper levels, page counts, and toner levels, and pass it back to FMAudit Central or the Printanista Hub web interface. DSS said the device helps resellers save time and money, as well as manage their customers more efficiently by being able to anticipate customer consumables needs through collected printer metrics.

“This is an invaluable advantage for resellers. Not only is there no interruption in data flow, but resellers save a lot of time and money as technicians do not need to travel each time a server upgrade occurs. said DSS chief executive Andrew Tsiorvas.

“The iDCA is a very competitively priced tool that allows our ECI FMAudit and Printanista subscribers to quickly and efficiently capture and manage all of their customers’ print data. This reduces the need for costly and labor-intensive technical support, saving them time and money while helping them provide quality customer service.

DSS said the appliance will help avoid reinstalling data collection agent software each time a customer’s server is upgraded or reconfigured. Resellers can monitor a customer’s daily print operations by scrolling through a list of customers, instead of dispatching staff for in-person managed print service support.

The iDCA device can be connected to any network port on the customer’s network or inline with any networked multifunction device (MFP) or printer, or it can also be physically connected to any MFP or printer.

To accommodate customer staff working from home, iDCA would plug into a home staff member’s work router to relay printer usage information directly to a technician’s workstation.

Formerly known as PrintSolv, DSS is the solutions business of print distributor Dynamic Supplies, specializing in wholesale solutions for resellers of printers, MFPs and managed printing in Australia and Asia -Pacific, including remote monitoring, print management, cost recovery, document capture, reseller marketing and sustainability programs.

The group’s other businesses include computer and audio distributor XIT Distribution and printing consumables distributor Toner Warehouse.

In June, DSS acquired Softlog Systems, a Perth-based cost recovery and management software provider.


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