Societe Generale launches the Market Cash Collection Hub for MSME customers


Listed bank, Societe Generale Ghana is committed to creating an institution that is agile and responsive to the needs of clients, particularly within the category of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which it describes as the backbone of the economy.

To this end, it has launched the Market Cash Collection Hub on Derby Avenue in Makola-Accra, a solution that will meet the needs and provide convenience and security for customer deposits in the market space. According to the financial intermediary, his vision is to create an institution that is agile and responsive to customer needs.

General manager, Hakim Ouzzanisaid Societe Generale Ghana has positioned itself to become the bank of choice for all clients, including MSMEs.

“We understand that sometimes women and men entrepreneurs in the market do not have time to wait in a branch or may feel in danger of carrying large sums of money to make deposits. Through this hub, SG Ghana offers a face-to-face collection service that solves such challenges.

“The service is a safe and convenient way for customers to deposit money into their bank account without taking time out on their all-important business day. Indeed, this service facilitates an increase in operational productivity for business owners and allows them to control the frequency with which deposits are made because our teams are ready to come and withdraw money from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. at 3 p.m. ”, added the general manager.

He assured customers that the money would go straight to the bank and that their balances would be communicated to them in real time on their cell phones, adding: “We are indeed very proud to start here in historic Makola”.

The bank’s goal is to follow this opening with additional locations in Kumasi, Takoradi and beyond.

In addition to the cash collection service, Mr. Ouzzani said that the hub also offers a specialized service for Chinese customers, “we offer cash collection, advice, as well as the usual banking services with a team of specially selected Chinese language, whose expertise has been honed through many years of working with Chinese MSMEs as well as with large Chinese companies.

He concluded, noting that “our goal is to further demonstrate that SG Ghana is a bank that truly understands the needs of all customer segments and continues to create products and services that specifically address those needs.”

Societe Generale Retail Manager Obed Hoyah said the Market Cash Collection Hub is a premier outlet specifically designed for MSMEs and the first to be strategically located in the midst of the hustle and bustle. an area where many MSMEs operate.

“Not only does this bring the number of points of sale in the Societe Generale Ghana network to 40, but it is the first of its kind in the network,” he added.

In addition to helping address concerns about the security of deposits in the market, Societe Generale Ghana also provides credit facilities, bancassurance products and many more.


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