Singapore’s Leading Debt Collection Agency DMS Debt Discusses Debt Collection Bill


When a group of ex-police officers from Singapore decided to start a debt collection company in 2003, their mission was to provide the best possible service at all costs. The DMS Debt team has met and exceeded these goals since then to become the leading debt collection service in Singapore.

Now they are discussing internally how they will navigate the debt collection bill if it passes.

The bill would require any debt collection company to hold a special license to operate. According to DMS Debt, this potential licensing requirement is something they intend to fully adhere to. As former law enforcement officers with decades of debt collection experience, they hold their business to the highest standards of the law.

“We are committed to simply providing the best debt collection services to our clients, so it goes without saying that we will have a licensing requirement,” a DMS Debt spokesperson said.

Their long list of clients can be assured that DMS Debt will always be in compliance with the latest laws and regulations.

DMS Debt specializes in debt collection for financial services companies, telecommunications companies, recruitment agencies, trade associations, advertising agencies, insurance and law firms, media companies and marketing, and several other niches. The firm has strict ethical and professional policies in place to ensure that each client is handled with the utmost care and attention. The DMS Debt team also partners with external agencies to perform general collections, locate missing debtors and assist with other financial solutions.

The Debt Collection Bill is set to pass before the end of this year, and according to DMS Debt, their professional debt collection team will be in full compliance. They are currently accepting new clients. More information can be found at

About DMS Debt

DMS Debt is Singapore’s leading debt collection agency and has been renowned for handling every account with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency since its launch in 2003.


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