Sindh launches SEMIS to improve data collection in schools



The Sindh Education Management Information System (SEMIS), which aims to improve data collection, school profiling and planning regarding students and teachers, has been officially launched by the Provincial Department of education.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Education and Culture, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, said that now, with just one click, we will have all the data required from public schools, which will facilitate decision-making. .

Through this system, statistics of schools, students and teachers as well as all school profiles can be easily monitored, he added. Through this system, details of school buildings, all facilities and even budget expenditures would be available in real time.

“It is to the credit of the Government of Sindh that we will keep this system available to the public, so that the cross-checking of the numbers we give can be done,” he added.

During the briefing ceremony, the Head of Reform Support Unit (RSU), Junaid Sammo, said that through annual statistics of about 45,000 public schools in Sindh, from pupil-teacher ratio to expenditure budgets and various school performance indicators at district and taluka levels, it will play a key role for better planning and decision-making.

He said SEMIS was run by RSU, an affiliate of the Sindh Ministry of Education, while financial support was provided by the European Union and technical support by UNICEF.

In addition to this, RSU Director of Research, Aftab Alam, said that through this information system, better monitoring of the girl stipend program will be possible for students studying in public schools in through which stipends are given by the government to deserving students studying in secondary schools. to reduce girls’ dropout.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 18e2022.


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