Rs 281 Cr Money-raising racketeer linked to a political party exposed in a deputy: tax officers


The Income Tax Department said on Monday it detected a “widespread and well organized” racketeering of unrecorded cash of around Rs 281 crore in raids against close associates of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and others.

He said detectives recovered Rs 14.6 crore in “unrecorded” cash and seized logs and computer files of suspicious payments made between Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

The Central Council of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said the department had also detected a trail of suspicious rupee 20 crore cash allegedly transferred to “the headquarters of a major political party in Delhi” from the home of an important person. who lives on Tughlaq Road. , which houses many VIPs.

“Rs 14.6 crore of unrecorded silver has been found so far, in addition to 252 bottles of alcohol, some weapons and tiger skins,” the CBDT said in a statement released late at night.

The policy of CBDT executives for the IT department.

“Research in Madhya Pradesh has detected a widespread and well-organized racketeering of unrecorded cash collection of around Rs 281 crore by various people from different backgrounds including business, politics and public service.

“Some of the money was also transferred to the headquarters of a major political party in Delhi, including around 20 crore rupees, which was recently transferred by hawala to the headquarters of the political party from the residence of a senior official at Tughlak Road, New Delhi, ”said the CBDT.

However, he did not identify the political party or the senior official. The statement added that records of cash collection and disbursement “in the form of handwritten diaries, computer files and Excel sheets were found and entered and this corroborates the above findings.”

He added that the searches in Delhi in the group of a close relative of the senior official further led to the seizure of “incriminating evidence, including a cash book recording unrecorded transactions of Rs 230 crore, siphoning from money by false invoicing of over Rs. 242 crore and evidence from over 80 companies in tax havens. “

The CBDT said several unaccounted for / benami properties in posh locations in Delhi have also been detected. He said that these “cases of violations of the model code of conduct are brought to the attention of the electoral commission”.

The searches, accused of alleged tax evasion and hawala transactions during the current election season, continued Monday at various premises in Bhopal, Indore, Goa, Delhi and in the national capital region.

The department launched Sunday pre-dawn raids on 52 sites of people and associates linked to Nath involving around 300 tax detectives.

Sources told PTI that there is a “strong possibility” that the money collected from the operation could be used as an electoral incentive to finance political campaigns and bribe voters in the electoral state and Delhi. A preliminary report of the raids was also shared by the department with the CBDT and the Election Commission in Delhi.

A checkout van with large trunks was sent by the department to a location in Bhopal to seize and recover the money found in the raids, they said.

Those wanted included Nath’s former Special Duty Officer (OSD) Pravin Kakkar, former adviser Rajendra Miglani, Ashwani Sharma, Paras Mal Lodha and company-related executives of his brother-in-law Moser Bayer and a company of his nephew Ratul Puri. Nath reacted to the development on Sunday evening.

“The situation regarding the cyber raids is not yet clear. It would be appropriate to talk about it once the situation is clear. But the whole country knows how the constitutional institutions were used and against whom they were used during the course. the last five years, “He had said.

“These institutions have been used to scare people. When they have nothing to say about development and their work, they have used this kind of tactic against their opponents,” the CM statement said.



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