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GURUGRAM: Police issued detailed guidelines on Thursday ordering banks and financial institutions not to hire any agency that does not have a proper license and approval to collect and transport cash. It has also made it mandatory for all collection vehicles to be equipped with a global positioning system (GPS), a skilled workforce and two-armed security guards.
Fundraising vehicles, police said, have also been banned from carrying more than Rs 5 crore, while the responsibility to alert the cops and seek protection, if necessary, for the transport of cash at- above Rs 25 lakh was imposed on banks and financial institutions. Violating the guidelines, they said, would result in up to six months in jail and a sentence.
The directive follows a daytime robbery on April 18 when a group of thieves looted Rs 96.93 lakh from a fundraising van on Sohna Road. The vehicle, police said at the time, did not follow any security protocols and had no guard and locker system.
The guidelines, issued by PCD (Headquarter) Astha Modi, soliciting a host of directives from banks and collection companies. While banks have been ordered not to engage any private agency for cash collection unless they hold a license under the Haryana Private Security Agency Act ( regulations), the vans were mandated to have a required number of employees with two armed security guards.
“A van should always be escorted by at least two trained armed security guards on board,” the DCP said, adding that more than two guards should be delegated depending on the amount of cash carried by a van.
The guidelines further state that one security guard should sit in the front of the van with the driver and another in the back. “No staff should be deployed for cash-carrying activities unless such individuals have undergone background checks, KYC checks and police checks prior to appointment. Each staff member assigned to transport cash must have a training certificate for the safety and safe management of these activities and must undergo refresher training every two years,” he added.
Vans will also need to be fitted with GPS and monitored at all times during transport.
According to the directive, all ATMs should be equipped with a single-use electronic combination lock to reduce instances of crew theft and fraud. No loading of cash into ATMs and transportation of cash will be done after 9 p.m. in urban areas and after 6 p.m. in rural areas, he added.
“Each AT M should have well trained and armed security guards and its premises. AT M local must be covered by CCTV and the footage must be stored for at least two months,” the order states.


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