Omaha man warns of shady debt collection appeal while on vacation



OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A warning tonight regarding the claims you have made. Some people receive phone calls threatening legal action.

A call just before Christmas did not leave Stephen Hawthorne with feelings of comfort and joy.

“They threatened to send me to the legal department, I guess they were going to try to sue me. I told them I didn’t owe this money. I do not know who you are. I don’t know who took out this loan, but it’s not me, ”said Hawthorne.

A collection agency with a Texas number flagged as spam claims Stephen owed nearly $ 900 for an online loan two years ago.

“I kept putting questions around him because I know it’s not my debt,” Hawthorne said.

6 News called the collection agency.

Stephen is concerned because the caller had a lot of his personal information, although not all of it was accurate. Before paying on the basis of a scary phone call, Green Credit will investigate whether this debt is due or not.

There’s a reason Marcia Ober has a customer-made Bulldog wall tapestry.

“As long as you want me to do it, I’ll take care of them.” They are pushing these consumers into fear-mongering tactics, and they don’t scare me, ”said Ober, a debt resolution specialist.

The founder of Green Credit says don’t pay without verifying a collection call.

“Get the documentation, you have to get the documentation. Just say send me the documentation. You have my address, you already have my correct phone number, so give it to me and show me it’s legit, ”Gale Streff said.

Free advice that should keep Stephen from paying off a debt he doesn’t know anything about.

“Never take their word for it. I want something in writing, ”Hawthorne said.

Another tip from Green Credit is to simply Google the phone number the debt collector is calling from to see if there are any red flags. In this case, the number appears with a telemarketer warning.

You can also check your credit history on online sites to see if an unpaid loan appears.

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