“Not against Ram Temple but fundraising needs more transparency,” says former CM HD Kumaraswamy from Karnataka | Bangalore


Days after alleged that RSS was marking the homes of those who had not donated to the Ram temple in Ayodhya, former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said on Wednesday that he was not opposed to the construction of the sanctuary, but that he only wanted more transparency in the mobilization of funds.

The government has a responsibility to verify who is raising funds for the Ram Temple, he said at a press conference here.

“I am not opposed to Temple Ram and I have not spoken badly of any organization or fundraising for Temple Ram. Even members of my party donated money, but I want to know Who authorized those who collect money door-to-door? What is their background? Who gave them licenses, “he said.

He said his objection related only to raising funds for the construction of the temple without transparency and “the looting and misuse” of funds on behalf of Ram.

Kumarswamy had accused the RSS on Monday of marking the homes of those who donated for the Ram temple in Ayodhya and those who did not and claimed it was similar to what the Nazis did in Germany. The RSS rejected the allegations, saying they could not be answered while the state unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which is among the organizations raising funds for the temple, condemned Kumaraswamy for these accusations.

The JDS leader said the donations could be made through online transactions. “We have opened so many Jan Dhan accounts, so why can’t we collect money online? Why collect in the street and mark houses? Asked the leader of the JD (S). He further alleged that no one had reported on the money raised in 1990 for the Ram Temple across the country.

Kumaraswamy said he came from a family that had faith in God, but never abused God’s name. “We have a commitment to 130 crore people, but we don’t believe in breaking up the company,” the former chief minister said.

VHP organizing secretary in Karnataka Basavaraj on Tuesday condemned Kumaraswamy’s earlier statement against the RSS. “This is a highly irresponsible tweet from former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpana Abhiyan,” (fundraising), Basavaraj said in a statement.

Volunteers from various organizations, including the VHP, reached out to all walks of life. The latter responded positively and contributed to the construction of the great temple of Ayodhya, he added. They did not even ask people for money and the outreach was simply aimed at allowing the whole country to participate in the effort because “everyone firmly believes that Lord Ram is the identity of Bharat”, he said. he added.

“The VHP takes serious note of the baseless allegations made by an individual who held the highest office in the state. The VHP also condemns Kumaraswamy’s statement for making unwarranted remarks about the patriotic organization RSS, ”Basavaraj said.

Fundraising for the Ram Temple began on January 14 for Makar Sankranti and will run until February 27.


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