Money collection “suspended” at Jabriya region health insurance service center – ARAB TIMES



File photo: The health insurance crisis continues as long queues of expats wait their turn despite arriving in the early morning of January 29, 2017

KUWAIT CITY, November 1: The company in charge of providing health insurance service to expatriates announced a few days ago that they have suspended cash collection when applying for health insurance at the service center located in the Jabriya region until the Knet devices are installed on the basis of coordination between the Ministry of Health and the shared electronic banking company (Knet), reports the Aljarida daily.

According to informed sources, the insurance company received a letter from the Assistant Under Secretary for Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Health Mohammad Al-Subai’e urging the company to stop violating financial regulations, including the collection of health insurance costs in cash.

The company responded by sending six letters to the ministry saying it was prepared to suspend collection of the cash charge at the service center. He also revealed that the center does not have Knet machines linked to the automated health insurance system.

File photo: Jan 2017 A huge influx of expats lined up in the open to fill out their health insurance papers at one of the utility companies. Reports indicate that a dispute between the ministry and the company is the cause of the delay in processing the documents.

The sources said the suspension of cash royalty collection is reminiscent of the January 2017 crisis over the gathering of corporate mandoubs at the Department of Health-affiliated Hawally Center.

They lamented that the decision will cause a delay in the completion of transactions, resulting in the imposition of fines for the delayed renewal of expatriate residence permits.

The sources revealed that the company’s service center which is dedicated to executing business transactions performs around 6,000 transactions per day, adding that the number of transactions for some businesses exceeds 250 transactions per day.



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