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The fee is contingency based, so MHG receives a percentage of the recovered debt, depending on various factors. Standard 30-day to one-year late fees range between 20-25%, while international and one-year-plus accounts can be charged between 35-50%. Second placement accounts and judgments, and accounts under $1,000, are charged 50% fee, and returned merchandise is charged half the normal fee. MHG offers significant volume discounts. You can cancel with MHG, but you will have to pay a fee.

This agency offers almost all the services we were looking for in a collection agency, including skip tracing, overseas collections, pre-litigation and private investigators. However, it does not have an online portal where you can check the status of your accounts. Martini, Hughes & Grossman is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.

Best Features

If you are looking for debt collections on international accounts, MHG has collection agents fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Additionally, this agency has international collectors trained in traditional collection practices and familiar with FDCPA and HIPAA compliance.

MGH agents offer a bespoke method of collecting overdue accounts. He has a flexible audit approach that he will customize for your clients so that you continue to maintain a good business relationship with the debtor. Although MHG specializes in collecting high balance B2B debts, it also collects debts owed by individuals or government related debts. If necessary, MHG can adapt its approach to include asset and liability appraisals, UCC filings, jump searches or a private investigator. Complicated cases, like construction debt collection, may be a good fit for MHG because of the agency’s approach to debt collection and since legal remedies vary from state to state.

As we learned while researching dozens of collection agencies for our review, many do not disclose their prices. MHG breaks down its fees on its website. This is especially beneficial for companies looking to quickly compare the cheapest agencies.


Many collection agencies offer an online portal where you can verify your account and where delinquent accounts can make payments. MHG does not have a robust online portal. Although you can access a page called Client Portal on the agency’s website, you cannot use it to submit new accounts and your clients cannot make payments. Instead, users need to download a PDF file from the portal, fill out the form, and fax or email it. For MHG customers, this means that you cannot view the status of your checking accounts online. Instead, you receive account reports every two months.

MGH collects consumer, commercial and government debt; however, it does not explicitly state which industries it serves and specializes in. This can be inconvenient for business owners whose business may be in a specialized industry who are looking for a suitable agency that can collect overdue accounts.

Focus on industry

Martini, Hughes & Grossman provides debt collection services for a variety of industries, including government-related entities, which are often complicated and notoriously difficult to collect.

You can reach MHG to learn more about its services and specialties by calling or submitting an online inquiry.

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