Local collection agency provides essential service to area businesses


Credit Bureau Collections – The District of Algoma is working quietly behind the scenes to help keep local businesses going

When most people think of collection agencies, they usually think of intimidating call centers and big corporations. But what happens when local businesses are struggling with unpaid debts? Since 1982, locally owned Credit Bureau Collections – Algoma District has been helping businesses of all sizes settle outstanding bills.

Provide an important business service

According to Reno, owner of Credit Bureau Collections – Algoma District, agencies like his provide an important service that helps businesses turn stale accounts receivable into working capital. In these times of economic crisis, every dollar counts and these unpaid debts can cause serious problems for local businesses. “Our customers often lack the resources to deal with aging customer accounts,” he says.

Kat, the office manager of Credit Bureau Collections, really enjoys working with other local businesses. She and her team pride themselves on offering a personal approach to their work. “We help small businesses by collecting debts of all sizes and we don’t use robocalls,” she explains. “We have developed great relationships with our customers over the years.”

Not only do they help collect unpaid debts, but credit bureau collections also help businesses prepare court documents for small claims court. “We are a no-fee agency, which means that if we fail to collect the debt, there is no bill for our client, other than the legal costs,” explains Reno.

Help people settle their outstanding debts as easily as possible

In addition to helping local businesses, the Credit Bureau Collections team also helps those who owe money. Often, debts go unsettled and communication with the company becomes uncomfortable as interest and late fees pile up.

“Our services allow the debtor to settle their outstanding debts without interaction with the listing company, in the event of a dispute,” explains Reno. “By working with our agency, the debtor can satisfy the rating company’s claim and move on. We can also facilitate negotiations and settlement on behalf of both parties.”

Kat offers helpful tips for anyone who might deal with an agency like hers in the future. “If you get a call from a collection agency, don’t ignore it because it won’t go away. Work with the agency to clear the debt. We’re really here to work with you,” says Kat. “Anyone struggling with small debts should make regular payments because the interest can really pile up, making it almost impossible to pay it back.”

For more information on the services provided by Credit Bureau Collections – Algoma District, call their friendly team at (705) 254-7525, email them, or visit them on Facebook.


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