Irish Water is recruiting a debt collection agency


Just three months after the suspension of water charges, Irish Water is now looking to hire a debt collection company.

The state agency has issued a tender for a company to begin collecting debts owed to it by businesses across the country.

The tender also details the possibility of expanding its responsibilities to include domestic debt collection, but this is unlikely to happen before the end of the suspension of charges next year.

A description of the opportunity on the eTenders website reads as follows:

“Provision of debt collection legal services to Irish Water including: • debt collection proceedings in district, circuit and high court for the recovery of outstanding non-domestic debt from customers for water charges. water and waste water services including ancillary services • legal debt collection services • option to extend services to include debt collection proceedings before the district, circuit and high court for the collection of royalties of domestic water and waste water in distress. »

Irish Water will close the application process for the tender, which is split into three lots, on 9 November.

The tender is divided by location, with each lot representing a region. Lot One covers the Connaught and Ulster region, Lot Two covers the ‘South’ region, while Lot Three covers the East and Midlands region.

Irish Water published the following response to the tender: “A commission of independent experts has been set up to make recommendations on a long-term sustainable funding model for the provision of water and sanitation services. household sanitation by Irish Water.

“The commission’s recommendations will then be considered by an Oireachtas committee before a vote in the Dail takes place. Until then, Irish Water will not issue any invoices or reminders to domestic customers during the suspension period. Domestic customers remain responsible for the balances due on all invoices issued to date and Irish Water continues to accept payment and deal with any questions relating to invoicing.

“” As part of the migration of local authority non-domestic water accounts, Irish Water will also assume responsibility for managing credits and collections.

When contracting for non-domestic debt collection, Irish Water has taken the precautionary step of including domestic debt collection in the tender to avoid the possibility of having to place an additional contract pending government decisions.

The news comes after the water regulator was ordered to cut costs by 20% as they are significantly more expensive than comparable utilities.

Water charges are a long-standing dispute between Irish taxpayers and political parties. Its introduction led to major protests in cities and towns and caused disputes between governments.

In September, Taoiseach Enda Kenny rounded on Fianna Fáil for calling for an outright ban on water charges.


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