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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is suing a debt collection agency and its owner for operating illegally in the state and engaging in “deceptive and abusive” practices, according to a complaint filed this month before the Lake County Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges that Nelson Macwan and his Munster, Indiana-based company New Britain Financial worked as an unlicensed debt collection agency in the state in 2019 and had no judgments against them.

The Indiana Secretary of State refused to renew New Britain Financial’s license in the state after learning about Macwan’s “past debt collection practices in Illinois”, the complaint says.

The state at the time also cited Macwan’s lack of “good character” in its denial of the license, adding that Macwan was banned from operating as a debt collector in Illinois due to “practices. abusive debt collection “.

He was sentenced to five months in prison in 2017 for violating that decision, according to the complaint. He continued his debt collection activity after his release.

In a press release Tuesday, Hill said the state was seeking a permanent injunction against Macwan and New Britain Financial, which was created in 2015, that would prevent them from engaging in debt collection in or from Indiana. .

Hill also sought compensation from consumers affected by the company’s alleged practices.

“Debt collection is serious business that can have life-changing impacts on the lives of consumers, and it should only be done by people who bring integrity to the workplace,” Hill said in a prepared statement. “The allegations against New Britain Financial and its owner are serious, and we aim to permanently prevent them from performing these functions in our state.”

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