Houston law firm defeats consumer debt collection lawsuits totaling $ 4.7 million



The law firm of David A. Fernandez, PC announced today that the firm has won hundreds of layoffs, totaling $ 4.7 million.

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2021 / In just 400 tests this year, The law firm of David A. Fernandez, PC Credit card holders and other borrowers have saved more than $ 4.7 million, Fernandez reported today.

“We’ve even saved a lot more customers in the negotiations, but in those 400 lawsuits we got orders dismissing the claims against our customers – the courts have either ruled that the card issuer, for example , took nothing, or the issuer dropped the lawsuit once we appeared and argued our client’s case, ”explained Fernandez.“ That’s an average of $ 12,000 in debt that we eliminated for each customer, some much more. “

The law firm of David A. Fernandez has a well-established record of consistent success in helping defendants who have been sued by creditors. Many failed lawsuits involve “third party creditors,” private companies who buy credit card accounts, often for pennies on the dollar, and then take legal action to collect the full amount allegedly owed. “Most of our clients don’t even know their account has been purchased, and in many cases the third-party creditor does not have what is called” standing “: they cannot prove that they own the account, ”says Fernandez. “We still often get dismissed because even though they bought the account they can’t produce documents to prove the alleged debt because just as our clients don’t know who they are, they don’t have any real knowledge. of the deemed debt. ‘

The 2008 credit crunch and recent closings have resulted in a flood of consumer debt litigation, largely by little-known companies that wholesale the accounts of more established and well-known financial institutions and then file claims. lawsuits to recover. “Often without notice to the consumer,” said Christina Wilson, senior counsel at the law firm of David A. Fernandez. “These companies often do not respect state and federal consumer protections, or even rules of procedure and evidence. We force them to obey the rules and protect the rights of our clients, which often results in their complete abandonment of the lawsuit, a judgment for our clients, or judgments overturned for lack of notice to our clients. In all cases, we hold these companies to account under the law.

With 400 tries and counting into 2021, there are too many wins to mention. There was a significant business case for American Matar International where the court rendered summary judgment and issued an act of review, setting aside the default judgment against American Matar and returning them $ 150,000 of the client’s money, as well as a Consumer Debt Defense Case Against Bank of America where the court ruled in favor of Fernandez’s client, relieving him of more than $ 15,000 in claims against him.

“We are working hard to achieve the best possible results for all of our clients,” Fernandez said. “We believe in justice and our law firm will fight for our clients all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, if necessary.”

Due to his excellent results and litigation experience, as well as his reputation in the community and among his peers, David Fernandez has been named one of the top civil defense litigators in the country – an award given to less than half a percent of lawyers in the United States. Additionally, Fernandez has received Client Champion – Platinum recognition from Martindale-Hubbell and AV Preeminent recognition, the highest peer review standard.

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About the law firm of David A. Fernandez, PC

Founded in 1992, the law firm of David A. Fernandez has successfully defended thousands of clients in consumer debt litigation, including garnishments and other extraordinary collection attempts. With his team of talented associates and assistants, Mr. Fernandez protects the citizens of Texas from predatory debt collection practices and holds lenders to the highest standards under the law. David A. Fernandez is a member of the Texas Bar Association, the Consumer Law Section of the State Bar Association of Texas, and the State Bar of Texas. For more information, please call 713-893-3244, or visit https://www.yourhoustonconsumerattorney.com/. The law firm is located at 2190 N. Loop West, Suite 102, Houston, TX 77018.

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