Four Rob Cash Collection Agent Of ₹ 6l In Dlf-2, Buy Iphones Later; Arrested | Gurgaon News

Gurugram: Four people including two minors were arrested for allegedly robbing a debt collector of Rs 6.64 lakh in DLF-2 on Saturday. The police recovered Rs 4 lakh cash, two iPhones, clothes, shoes, a motorbike used in the crime and some documents from the plaintiff Vinod Kumar.
According to police, the 28-year-old officer was heading to Udyog Vihar at 3:40 p.m. after collecting money. When he arrived near Belvedere Rapid metro station, three people came on bicycles and snatched his wallet and bag containing Rs 6.64 lakh in cash. Immediately afterwards, Kumar reported the crime to the police control room, after which the cops scanned the CCTV cameras in the nearby area and launched raids.
On Sunday, cops arrested the four people involved in the robbery. They were identified as Prashant, Biru and two minors aged 16 and 17.
During the interrogation, Prashant revealed that some time ago he was working as a delivery man in a company where Kumar was going to collect the money. He had just quit his job. “Prashant knew the routes taken by the victim and the places where he collected the money. So, together with his accomplice, he planned the theft,” said a police officer from the DLF 2 police station. The two had also roped up the juveniles.
Police said the four bought clothes and shoes worth Rs 35,000 and two iPhones worth Rs 1.21 lakh with the stolen money. They were arrested for theft.

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