Four people arrested for shooting dead dairy collector in Nandpuri in Sodala


Jaipur: A week after a cash collector was shot dead in the Nandpuri neighborhood of Sodala, city police on Monday arrested four men for the crime. The main defendant is the owner of a dairy stand who included his three friends in their plan to rob the money-raising agent.

The police reached the criminals through the bicycle that the criminals had used for the theft. Some CCTV footage showed part of the registration number. Police had to check the owners of nearly 1,200 similar brand bicycles purchased between 2007 and 2015 to identify the perpetrators.

Police Commissioner Sanjay Agarwal said the men planned the robbery to get out of their difficult financial situation. When the victim, Omprakash Sharma did not let go of the bag, he was shot, the officer said. The main defendant, Ankit Saini, even tried to monitor the police investigation under the pretext of helping the cops find the killers.

The defendants have been identified as Subham Choudhary, Yash Singh, Sunil Kumar and Ankit Saini. Subham is a resident of the Brahmapuri region. Yash is from Bihar, but was staying in rented accommodation in Brahmapuri. Sunil is a resident of Joshi settlement in Brahmapuri, while Ankit is a resident of Govindpuri in Sodala.

“Ankit has a dairy stand in the Ramnagar area in Sodala. The victim, Omprakash, used to come to his booth to collect money, so Ankit was aware of his routine. Subham lived in Govindpuri, Ramnagar, so he was a friend of Ankit. Ankit told Subham about the money Omprakash had collected from the dairy stalls and they made a plan to steal it, ”the officer said.

Subham and his two friends Yash and Sunil followed Omprakash as the latter collected money at dairy kiosks for nearly a month.

“Ankit had told Subham that Omprakash did not collect money on Sunday, so the amount of money on Monday would be almost double. They planned the robbery for a Monday and executed it on January 8, ”the officer said.

Subham borrowed a sports bike from his friend. He, Yash and Sunil – armed with a baseball bat and a pistol – were waiting for Omprakash on a street in Nanandpuri.

“When Omprakash didn’t let go of the bag containing the money, they opened fire. Omprakash is dead, ”the officer said.

Ankit posted as a friend of Omprakash and kept an eye on the police investigation.

“He pretended to help the police because he knew the victim. We were shocked when we found out that he was the backbone of this crime, ”said the officer.

First published: January 15, 2018

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