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ANN ARBOR, Michigan, September 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Laboratories forever, the parent company of PRP SuperShot®, will use Biological data to track the results of their innovative PRP process that isolates autologous extracellular vesicles.

Physicians who already collect, review and analyze data relating to the results of their orthobiological treatments through the DataBiologics platform can now include SuperShot® PRP procedures in their data. This newly collected data can then be compared to the results of standard PRP procedures.

By using DataBiologics, Forever Labs ensures that the safety and efficacy of SuperShot® PRP is tracked and monitored, a top priority for the Forever Labs team.

“We developed SuperShot® PRP to give clinicians the ability to add autologous extracellular vesicles to their PRP therapies.

We are excited to use DataBiologics to track results. Like them, we believe that the best way to advance medicine is to measure and track results with great fidelity. “

– Steven Clausnitzer, CEO of Forever Labs


Forever Labs is passionate about providing autologous and scientific solutions to improve quality of life, as well as the most advanced solutions for our physician partners. SuperShot® PRP is based on this principle. This innovative PRP process is based on a two-phase aqueous system that enables the concentration of autologous extracellular vesicles (EVs) from the PPP portion of a PRP procedure in a rapid one-minute spin at bench-top centrifugation speeds . Isolated electric vehicles can then be added to the PRP fraction for the most complete PRP on the market.

“At DataBiologics, we believe that there is nothing more important than studying the safety and effectiveness of orthobiological treatments. We are extremely pleased to add the SuperShot® PRP device to the DataBiologics platform. Our goal has always been to provide a platform of patient-reported outcomes to the orthobiology industry. Coupled with the excellent range of products and devices within the platform, we will now be able to offer data tracking on SuperShot® PRP to all participating vendors using our platform.

– Nancy Ho, Executive Director DataBiologics


DataBiologics provides physicians with a robust platform for collecting patient-reported results to study the safety and effectiveness of orthobiologic treatments. The simple, user-friendly and convenient app helps physicians collect real patient data to enable more informed treatment decisions and better patient care.

Contact details: Laboratories forever • Daniele Hughes 888.344.8463 •

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