FCC Slates Broadband Data Collection Webinar


The Federal Communications Commission said it will preview its broadband data collection system (BDC) on June 29, a day before broadband service providers can begin filing information about where service is available.

Congress has ordered the FCC to provide better data on where broadband is and isn’t as the Biden administration begins to distribute tens of billions of dollars to subsidize unserved and then underserved areas.

All facilities-based fixed and mobile broadband Internet service providers must provide “comprehensive, granular and reliable data” on broadband availability.

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The mandatory data submission period opens on June 30 and ends on September 1. The webinar will help filers navigate the BDC system so they can begin submitting their data.

The webinar, which begins at 2 p.m., will be broadcast live on both www.fcc.gov/live and the FCC’s YouTube page.

“The FCC is in the process of updating its current broadband maps with more detailed and accurate information about the availability of fixed and mobile broadband services,” the FCC said on a BDC webpage he created. “The Broadband Data Collection (BDC) program will give the FCC, industry, state, local and tribal government entities and consumers the tools they need to improve the accuracy of existing maps.” ■


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