DTG Launches RFID PowerStation to Mobilize Advanced Point-of-Task Data Collection Technologies


WILMINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Definitive Technology Group (DTG), the leading provider of industrial power power systems and mobile workstation solutions and a leading independent software vendor (ISV) in Zebra Technologies’ PartnerConnect program, has today introduced the RFID PowerStation, an omnidirectional RFID data collection and computing cart solution. Developed for Zebra’s FX9600 fixed RFID reader, the RFID PowerStation was originally designed to handle the labor-intensive needs of a large retailer’s inventory, fulfillment and distribution center in line. DTG now markets the system through its distribution partners.

“The growth of RFID technology for asset tracking, inventory management and order fulfillment is gaining momentum as retailers, manufacturers and others seek greater accuracy, efficiency and speed,” said Steve Shaheen , CEO and Founder of DTG. “Through our collaboration with Zebra, a leader in RFID and other technologies, we have developed a mobile workstation capable of automating the identification and tracking of data in warehouses, distribution centers and other locations.”

The PowerStation, which includes DTG’s powerful lithium battery management system and Zebra’s FX9600 fixed RFID reader, measures 22 to 41.5 inches in height and 30 inches in width, and has a weight capacity of 75 pounds. The mobile workstation can also accommodate all vendor devices, including laptops, printers, monitors and antennas.

The RFID PowerStation, originally designed as a prototype solution for the distribution centers of a large online retailer, was needed to support the counting and tracking of storage, packaging and shipping materials from retailer – some of the most essential building blocks of its multi-billion dollar global network. dollar e-commerce business. This process is traditionally done manually, which is laborious, expensive and often inaccurate.

The PowerStation includes the industry’s most advanced battery management system, based on lithium-ion-phosphate batteries that are safe in all industries. It includes a hot-swappable battery solution, allowing it to be changed while all workstation devices are powered on. The system also supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to extend the range of a tag read.

DTG is a member of Zebra Technologies’ PartnerConnect program, which focuses on integrations with Zebra Technologies’ mobile printing, RFID, advanced data capture and label printing solutions.

About DTG

DTG is the world leader in the design and delivery of mobilized battery-powered workstations and advanced Uninterruptible Battery Systems (UBS) for industries such as industrial material handling and logistics, healthcare, utilities commercial food and manufacturing. The company brings workforce automation and unparalleled battery system power to the point of task. DTG is a private company based in Wilmington, Mass.


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