Does the government collection agency have any advice?



Minister of Finance Colm Imbert

Questions have arisen as to whether a government collection agency, Taurus Services Ltd, has a board of directors, after a member of the public complained to Newsday.

A man only wanted to be identified when Mr Bernard recently told Newsday that he had finished paying a debt on land in eastern Trinidad owned by his late father. He said Taurus was the debt collector for a loan his father took from the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB),

Bernard then approached the agency to approve the debt as having been paid, only to be informed by Taurus staff that this check was to be done by the board, but that no board was in place.

He complained to Newsday that the lack of approval on the land documents was now holding him back.

“How long before they put a plank in place?” Bernard asked.

As Taurus is listed as an entity reporting to the Ministry of Finance, he believed that the responsibility for appointing a council lay with the minister, Colm Imbert. Saying he didn’t want to disrespect Imbert, he said he would now seek legal advice on how to move forward.

“I have to do my thing.

“I’m not the only one waiting for the documents to be signed by the board of directors. When people have finished paying off a loan and they need it, they need a board of directors.”

Newsday has sent two messages each on WhatsApp to Finance Minister Colm Imbert and Finance Minister Brian Manning, but has yet to receive a response.


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