CS does not have time to improve cash collection


(CNS): A recent review by the Office of the Auditor General of its 2015 report on government risks to revenue collection showed that very little progress has been made in improving the systems surrounding public fundraising . Government revenue collection was made public in 2015, but almost two years later, the government has failed to respond to most of the recommendations highlighted by auditors and the Public Accounts Committee, as the government claims officials have failed. no time.

Despite the obvious importance of collecting government fees, the Auditor General found that only limited progress had been made in improving systems to deal with potential risks and ensuring that the government collected the fees and revenues owed to it. for public money.

In the original report, the auditors made a number of recommendations to improve collection. One was that the government implement a formal risk management framework for the risks associated with revenue collection and a second recommended a review of control frameworks to ensure that the government collects the money it receives. is of. But in June, when the Auditor General requested an update on progress on the initial report and found that nothing had happened to address the issue, officials in the deputy governor’s office said to complete the report. ‘Either of these recommendations, he will have to “employ a civil servant to produce this framework because the civil servants do not have the time (much) required to devote themselves to this important task”.

The CEO’s office told auditors it aimed to “come to a conclusion” on hiring the consultant by the end of last month.

The auditors had also advised the government to undertake a study on the effectiveness of revenue collection in order to improve operational efficiency, including better use of its staff and systems to optimize collection, but the Auditor General found that the government had made no progress and, according to the review, offered no explanation.

Among several other recommendations made to improve and tighten revenue collection, was to address the complexities of the work permit fee structure. While government officials said it was underway, the auditor general said PAC should push for a timeline for the project.

PAC is now expected to hold hearings later this month to pressure government officials over the lack of progress and seek commitment to address the issues. Committee chairman Ezzard Miller said some of the recommendations made by the audit office in the September 2015 report were passed on to relevant officials even earlier, in May of that year, making no progress even more “unacceptable”. During the hearing, he said the committee would seek answers regarding the report on government revenue collection and “clear explanations for any lack of progress,” as well as schedule commitments to report to the LA. .

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