Court releases debt collection agency’s ‘vicious’ records


She then threatened to tell the debtor’s husband about the credit card debt, which the debtor clearly wanted to avoid.

“We’ll serve you with papers and we don’t necessarily have to serve you in person,” Connie said.

“We can then go to your family home and serve your husband with them, basically – and then he’ll find out.”

At the time, the debtor was staying with a friend rather than her family.

Connie also told the debtor that she would “search for property on you, on your behalf” and asked her about a mortgage on the family home owned jointly with her husband.

“We’ve spent too long on this file and if we don’t get any action by next Friday, and I mean solid action, I mean money action…we’ll start the legal stuff and you’ll be served at [the family home]“, said Connie.

“He’s not just going to find out, he’s going to lose his family home because of this,” she said.

Connie also threatened to contact a family friend and tell him about the debt.

“I promise to call you back on Monday…please don’t tell anyone,” the debtor said.

“Promised? Do you know we’re recording these tapes now with you because we’ve had too many broken promises,” Connie said.

When the call ended, Connie signed off with a cheery “Bye love.”

In a follow-up call a few days later, she threatened to put the debtor out of business.

Judge Perram called Connie’s conduct “misleading” because ACM was not in fact about to start bankruptcy proceedings.

“I’m going to do it today, [you will get them] in the next few days, probably at the home address,” Connie said.

She reprimanded the debtor, shouting that “we have no more broken promises”.

The recording continued after the debtor hung up and Connie can be heard giggling.

“She has money, she hides it from her husband, we have to do something,” Connie told a colleague.

In another call, recorded November 27, 2009, the ACM employee “Dorelle” told a debtor: “We are ACM Group. We are Australia’s leading debt collection agency, okay? We – we’re ruthless, mate.”

Dorelle told the debtor that “a lot of people” regretted filing suits against ACM.

“So I’m gonna give you one last chance, mate, okay? You gotta come up with a goodwill payment,” Dorelle said.


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