Collection agency siphons off revenue of Rs 5 crore SoU | News from Vadodara


Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd in Kevadia siphoned off Rs 5.24 crore in 17 months from November 2018, according to HDFC Bank complaint

Vadodara: A city-based cash collection and management agency has been arrested for siphoning off revenue collected from the tallest statue in the world – the Statue of Unity (SoU).
India’s largest private lender, HDFC Bank, has filed a cheating and criminal conspiracy complaint against Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd (WBSL), at Kevadia Police Station for siphoning off Rs 5.24 crore in 17 months from November 2018.
WBSL has worked with HDFC since 2003 and is responsible for collecting money from customers and depositing it in their bank account. WBSL has been given the responsibility of collecting cash from SoU and depositing it into their account at the bank.
According to the complaint filed by the HDFC bank branch manager, WBSL employees have been collecting money from SoU since November 2018, but have not deposited the full amount in the bank. “The money that was collected by the agency included cash payments made by tourists for entry to the SoU as well as parking tickets,” a SoU official said.
On November 8, HDFC received an email from a SoU official stating that there was a discrepancy between the amount shown in the cash deposit slips and the amount in the bank account. The bank then opened an internal investigation and learned that employees of the collection agency were involved in fraud. They collected money from the SoU but did not deposit the full amount in the bank.
According to the complainant, agency employees allegedly siphoned off the money between November 2018 and March 2020. The SoU was closed to tourists after the lockdown was announced in March. It reopened a month and a half ago and entry tickets are now issued only on the basis of online payment.
“We will try to find out who is involved in the cheating and how the defendant siphoned off the money. Further action will be taken once we investigate the matter,” said Vani Dudhat, DySP, Kevadia Division .
A SoU official said they would suffer no loss as the bank had promised to compensate them in the event of a discrepancy. “The money will be deposited into the SoU account within the next 24 hours,” a SoU spokesperson said.
The 182-meter tall statue of India’s first Home Minister, Sardar Patel, was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2018. Since its inauguration, the SoU has become a tourist hub and generates millions in revenue. dollars.



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