Coastal Brigade in the final stage of data collection | News from Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: to improve coastal security, the coastal police began collecting information on lead manufacturers, houses that had been unoccupied for a long time, host families and people staying there, newcomers to the locality and people who lent money along the coastal belt of the district.
No less than 1,865 fishermen, who are part of the force’s coastal brigade, have almost finished collecting details in this regard.
Once the information gathering process is complete, the Coastal Police will compile all the data and store it online. This stored data will help the Coastal Police protect the coast from all sorts of anti-social activities, including human and drug trafficking.
The Coast Police has already asked the state government to sanction Rs 1.5 crore for work related to compiling and storing the data.
“Lead manufacturer information is crucial for coastal safety. Lead is an integral part of bomb making and is also used for fishing activities. This is not to say that all lead manufacturers make bombs, but this information is crucial for security reasons,” said a senior coastal police officer.
The Coastal Police has also formed 94 WhatsApp groups including fishermen and discussions in this regard have taken place through these groups.
The Coastal Police have intensified patrols and other security measures in the coastal regions and the force is capable of dealing with any threat across the sea with the help of coast guard, Marine and the Intelligence Bureau. The fishermen were selected after realizing that they know the nooks and crannies of the sea and their availability at the coast at all times.
“Collecting such information is difficult in any other place. But on the coast, such information can easily be obtained due to the type of social life that the fishing community follows,” the official added.

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