Class Assessment Completes Freddie Mac’s Verification Process for ACE+PDR Data Collection Criteria


TROY, Mich., July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Class Valuation, a leading technology-based valuation management company, today announces that it has successfully completed the verification process for the new ACE+ PDR (Automated Collateral Valuation Plus Reporting) solution. ownership data) of Freddie Mac.

Class will perform these data collection commands through Property Fingerprint, Class Valuation’s 3D scanning technology, which has produced tens of thousands of property data collections to date. Property Fingerprint’s comprehensive data collection and reporting process is not only designed to support programs such as ACE+ PDR, but also to support desktop and hybrid assessment processes offering cycle times streamlined, saving more than two days on average nationwide and reducing review rates by 85%.

Scheduled to roll out in July, Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR solution is a new offering that allows lenders to issue cash-outs and certain non-cash-in refinance loans without an appraisal. With ACE+ PDR, additional property information is physically collected onsite by trained data collectors and/or data collection technology using the Freddie Mac PDR dataset, instead of an appraisal .

The data set requirements to participate are very comprehensive and Class Valuation’s Property Fingerprint Report provides lenders with everything they need to take advantage of this exciting new product.

ACE+ PDR offers an accelerated valuation solution to help lenders get to the closing table faster and with more certainty. Lenders wishing to participate in ACE+ PDR must work with a provider who can meet these requirements.

“Property Fingerprint is the only 3D scanning technology using virtual inspection to collect complete, standardized and repeatable data,” said scottish rose, chief innovation officer at Class Valuation. “We are excited to lead the way and enable our partners to take advantage of these exciting new programs such as ACE+ PDR, desktop and hybrid assessments.”

Class Valuation is dedicated to making this technology universally available. Lenders who might run their own panel, or vendors who need access to this advanced technology can either simply order the property’s fingerprint report for use in their own process, or authorize the technology and perform the data collection with their own suppliers.

Click here to learn more about Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR solution.

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About Class Assessment:

Class Valuation is one of the nation’s leading Valuation Management Companies (AMC), delivering exceptional quality and service to every client. The company is committed to combining the best people, products, processes and technologies available to help lenders achieve more homeownership dreams. Class has consistently been rated among the best in customer service by several of the top ten mortgage lenders in the country and has been recognized as one of the best places to work, in addition to receiving numerous other industry awards. . Founded in 2009, Class Valuation is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. For more information, please visit

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