Chiropractic recovery – what to look for in an agency


How to Choose a Reliable and Genuine Chiropractic Debt Collection Agency

A patient comes to you and you provide health care. The patient is receiving treatment, but you do not receive your payment. In most cases, chiropractors manage their own practice. This makes it difficult for you to do everything on your own. It is impossible to find your patients for money. However, you need the payments to keep your practice running – and that’s where a chiropractic debt collection agency comes in.

Payments can accumulate when you don’t receive them on time. This is the time when you may need to contact a chiropractic debt collection agency to help you collect the unpaid amount (s).

What to look for when choosing a chiropractic debt collection agency

Here are the things you should look for when choosing a chiropractic debt collection agency.

An experienced debt collector Look for and find someone who has experience in chiropractic debt collection. Experienced collection agencies maintain goodwill between you and your client or patient.

Has appropriate data security measures A reputable chiropractic debt collection agency will usually have emergency backup systems. You can count on them to have confidentiality measures to protect your data. The agency should also ensure that it only uses the data for commercial purposes.

Certified professionals The chiropractic debt collection agency should have the required certificates. For example, an authentic certification from ACA International-The Association for Credit and Collection Professionals. When you need help, you can be assured that high quality collectors will help you.

Has the required legal knowledge Make sure the collection agency is aware of the legal implications of collecting health care bills. They must comply with TCPA, HIPAA, FDCPA and other regulations. The agency must not commit any illegal practice to recover the amount of the unpaid invoice.

Has an appropriate license to operate The debt collector must be licensed to operate in your state and where your patients live.

24 hour access Since you are busy, find a collection agency that offers flexibility. If the organization provides 24/7 online access and support, you can access your files anytime.

Clear pricing structure The chiropractic debt collection agency should be transparent with the exact cost of professional help, not hiding anything.

In addition to the above, a debt collection agency should match your needs.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a collection agency

When deciding who to work with, it’s always helpful to get your questions answered.

Here is a list of questions you should ask when interviewing chiropractic debt collection agencies:

Do you have a satisfied clientele? This will help if they have a satisfied clientele, and is ideal if the collection agency has worked with a chiropractor before. The agency should understand that your business model may be different from other independent practitioners. Ensure that the organization has a satisfied clientele it means that they have to approach their customers’ problems and be able to solve them.

Do they practice skip tracing? Skip tracing is a practice that allows debtors to be traced if they have left involuntarily or if they have avoided financial obligations. This helps instead of sending letters to patients at their specified addresses. Debtors track down debtors by tracking their cell phone usage, credit history, employer location, etc. to track and prosecute them to clear overdue payments.

What are the professional fees? Many collection agencies charge a percentage of the amount collected, while others charge higher fees based on the amount of debt. Therefore, speak to them clearly and choose an option or collection agency that you are comfortable with.

How will I know the status of my account? The collection agency you hire should provide you with at least a monthly progress report on all accounts.

How will you approach debtors to collect the debt? The way the collector approaches your clients (patients) reflects to some extent your character. After all, you hired them to collect the outstanding amount on your behalf. It could also affect your practice. The debt collector needs to know how to approach your customers in a way that is consistent with your business model.

Do you report to all the major credit bureaus? If the collectors report to all the major credit bureaus, then patients might feel the need to repay the outstanding amount. So it is best that your debt collector reports to all major credit bureaus.

How is your agency unique? Collection agencies mainly offer similar services. However, one thing that makes them unique is if they have a lawyer to do the collection efforts. Another thing is whether they provide true 24/7 support. They may say that they provide such support but may not have the infrastructure.

Consider all of these factors when making your decision on the best chiropractic debt collection agency for you. Also check online reviews to find out whether or not they have satisfied customers. There may be a problem with a customer, but they should address and resolve it as soon as possible.

LYLE SALOMON, JD, has considerable litigation experience as well as substantial practical knowledge and expertise in legal analysis and drafting. Since 2003 he has been a member of California State Bar. In 1998, he graduated from the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific in Sacramento, California, and is now a senior lawyer for the Oak View Legal Group in California.


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