Cash collector organizes planned heist over Rs 23 Lakh, arrested


Rs 23.86 lakh was “stolen” in an organized robbery in Dehradun (representation)


A money-raising agent working with a private company staged loot of over Rs 23 lakh in Dehradun and made it look like a daring heist in broad daylight, after which he was arrested, the report said. police today.

Rs 23.86 lakh, kept in a bag, was lifted from the collector’s motorcycle by two people on the Kalidas road on Tuesday when he parked his two-wheeler alongside the road for a break Dehradun Police Chief Superintendent Nivedita Kukreti said. .

The agent, Ashutosh Gupta, working with Radiant Cash Managing Private Limited, sounded the alarm when he was allegedly attacked by “thieves” who threw cold powder in his eyes and left with the money, she declared.

However, the police suspected Mr. Gupta of lying because the amount looted was huge and he did not appear to have put up any resistance, which is normal even in small incidents of looting, Nivedita Kukreti said.

He was arrested and during questioning revealed that he had plotted the loot with his two friends to “teach his employers a lesson” to pay him meagerly, the senior police official said. Ashutosh was arrested immediately after confessing to the crime and his two friends, Shrikant Bansal and Ankit Dhiman, who were part of the plan, were also arrested at the interstate bus station as they tried to escape, said the police.

Rs 23.49 lakh of the looted money has so far been recovered from the three defendants.


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