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KOCHI: Money collection at the four National Highways Authority of India toll booths in Kerala is on the rise, thanks to double tariffs charged at toll booths for vehicles entering the FASTag lane without a tag. NHAI officials said the total collection from NH’s four toll plazas – Paliyekkara, Pampampallam, Kumbalam and Ponnarimangalam – during the week ended Feb.21 was Rs.4,94,79,162 (about Rs. 4, Rs 95 crore). This is an increase of Rs 2,164 lakh compared to the same week in January when the total collections stood at Rs 4,92,62,772 (Rs 4.92 crore).

According to the latest figures, cash receipts amounted to Rs 3.04 crore out of the total of Rs 4.95 crore in the week ended February 21, or 61.41% of total cash receipts. During the same week of the previous month (January 15-21), the total cash receipts from the four toll plazas amounted to Rs 2.79 crore, or about 56.71% of the total cash receipts. An NHAI official attributed the higher cash collection to the double rate paid by vehicles for not having FASTags for electronic toll collection.

The NHAI had said on Sunday it had collected 20 crore rupees from delinquent 18 lakh across the country for entering FASTag lanes at electronic toll plazas on the NH without a tag. Among the four toll booths in Kerala, Paliyekkara recorded the maximum collection of vehicles equipped with an RFID tag at Rs 9.47 lakh from February 15 to 21, followed by Pampampallam (Rs 5.85 lakh), Kumbalam (Rs 4 , 81 lakh) and Ponnarimangalam (Rs 1.97 lakh). lakh).

Surprisingly, there was a decrease in collection via FASTags in Paliyekkara and Pampampallam during the week ended February 21 compared to the same week the previous month. While the FASTag collection in Paliyekkara Square went from Rs 9.61 lakh to Rs 9.47 lakh, it went from Rs 7.05 lakh to Rs 5.8 lakh at Pampampallam during the same week. On the other hand, the collection of tolls via RFID tags has seen an increase in the places of Ponnarimangalam and Kumbalam. While it went from Rs 1.438 lakh to Rs 1.96 lakh at Ponnarimangalam, the collection went from Rs 2.7 lakh to Rs 4.8 lakh on Kumbalam square during the week of February 21.

According to reports, more than 1.55 crore of FASTags have been issued through multiple point of sale (PoS) across the country. The NHAI has observed an increase in the rate of sale of FASTags, which is a clear indication that the digital payment system is well accepted. The FASTag transaction has crossed the four million-a-day mark at NH toll plazas, the NHAI announced on Sunday. To further increase the digital collection of user fees via FASTag at NH pay spaces, the authority recently removed the FASTag cost from 100 for NHAI FASTag from February 15, 2020 to February 29, 2020.

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