Case after Rs 5.25 crore found missing in Statue of Unity daily collection account



Narmada District Police hired staff from Writer Business Services Private Limited, a cash management company, for the alleged theft of Rs 5.25 crore relating to the daily collection of money from the Unity Statue and of its allied projects. The complaint, filed by the manager of a Vadodara branch of the HDFC bank, indicates that the money was allegedly embezzled between October 2018 and March 2020.

The Kevadia police station, which registered the complaint, opened an investigation into SoU’s financial transactions.

The complaint filed late Monday says the bank hired Writer Business to offer a door-to-door cash collection service at the Statue of Unity, which had offline counters before the Covid-19 lockdown for entry to various tourist site projects as well as regular parking fees.

An official from SoU said, “The HDFC bank provided services for the money collected daily by the SoU administration at various counters for offline ticketing and parking fees, and deposited it into the bank account. Statue of Unity in its branch in Vadodara. The receipt of cash received is issued to the SoU administration and it is periodically reconciled with cash deposit entries made to the bank account.

During the reconciliation made with the HDFC after the relaxation of the Covid-19 borders, the SoU auditors noted that the supporting documents submitted by Writer Business executives on behalf of the bank did not correspond to the actual entries in the account.

“An amount of Rs 5.25 crore was missing although the receipts in our file showed that the HDFC bank agent had received the amount. Agents provide SoU with a receipt on HDFC letterhead. The issue has been raised with the bank, which has proactively launched an investigation, the official said. “

Narmada District Collector DA Shah, who is also the CEO of the Statue of Unity, said that following the discovery of the alleged theft, a committee was formed which included officials from the district administration. , HDFC Bank, Statue of Unity as well as HDFC Bank Agent.

Shah said, “For the collection of cash from the SoU administration and for depositing it into the bank account, HDFC Bank hired Writer Safeguard Private Limited. This is purely their internal arrangement and the SoU administration has nothing to do with it. Thus, the HDFC bank is solely responsible for this transaction process. The committee met and reviewed the files and it was determined that the money had indeed been returned to the bank. Thus, in accordance with the agreement, the bank credited the amount to the SoU account with interest, while it will resolve its dispute itself with its agent.

Vani Doodhat, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kevadia, said: “The SoU has provided us with a large number of daily receipts and transaction slips, which we review. We will call on agency staff to interview them after identifying the employees who handled the money during the said period.

“Staff of Writers Business Services Private Ltd. , Mentioned as the accused in the complaint, was registered under Articles 406 of the Indian Penal Code (punishment for criminal breach of trust) 407 (criminal breach of trust by the carrier), 408 (criminal breach of trust by a clerk or agent), 409 (criminal breach of trust by an official, or by a banker, merchant or agent), 420 (deception and dishonest incitement to deliver goods), 418 (cheating knowing that a loss unjustified cause may result for a person whose interests the offender is obliged to protect), 120 (B) (criminal association).



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