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Carmelo Anthony called on seven black designers to imagine “A Black Future” for the StayMe70 Propel program.

The NBA All Star has teamed up with The Brooklyn Circus, Ghetto Gastro, Barriers Worldwide, Demestik, Diem, Shakira Jovanni and Tier to produce plays that illustrate their vision for the future of black people and what it means to them.

Anthony said he had worked with designers before. He sees this collection as a way to provide support and resources to emerging and established creators and entrepreneurs.

“It’s hard to put everything in place, but that’s why we have teams,” Anthony said of his work on the project. “But for the ultimate message and what we’re creating, it’s not a one-off thing. It is a program that will run throughout the year. I want him to redefine what creative space is in our cultural landscape. Next year could be different.

Brooklyn Circus Creative Director Ouigi Theodore designed a hoodie with the number 2,193,178 on the front, which represents the prison population in the United States, and a graphic on the back of the hands breaking the chains, and Tier’s Tiers of Joy hoodie run by Brooklyn Nigeria natives Ealey, Esaie Jean-Simon and Victor James shows a tearful eye, reflecting moments to be proud of.

Shakira Jackson, Founder and Creator of Shakira Jovanni, designed a ‘Passing the Torce’ long sleeve t-shirt with an illustration of a youth holding a torch on the front and the words’ established ‘,’ resilient ‘,’ hope , ”“ Triumphant ”and“ enlightened ”on the back. Bronx natives Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao and Lester Walker of Ghetto Gastro call for revolution in their Revolt Now t-shirt, Michael Nicholas of Diem and Reuben Reuel of Demestik imagine tranquility and peace, and Steven Barter’s Barriers Worldwide rounds out the collection with a graphic for unity.

Each piece debuted in a 3D digital broadcast and is available for pre-order at a price ranging from $ 140 to $ 350.

Last year Anthony unveiled his second Melo Made collection inspired by South Africa and featuring brands such as Rag & Bone, Rochambeau, Goorin Bros., Famous Nobodys and Jordan Brand. This year is very different due to the pandemic, but Anthony has said he needs to adapt and is getting ready to use his platform to help others in fashion.

Asked about his idea of ​​a dark future, Anthony said, “We have always adapted to our surroundings and to the things that are happening. We face trauma every day, but even if there is trauma, what about the young, creative black minds who are eclipsed and have no voice? These are the ones we need. This is where I think, how do we challenge the norm? “

# STAYME7O – A BLACK FUTURE – Propel SS21 [Film + Digital Runway] of Melo Enterprises on Vimeo.



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