Best Debt Collection Agency Received ‘Gold Supplier’ Status by Leading Association of Private Schools


A The leading debt collection agency was recently awarded Gold Supplier Status by the Independent Schools Association (ISA). Frontline Collections became the first debt collection firm to be affiliated with a leading private school association.

The Association of Independent Schools is the oldest and most exclusive of private school associations, dating back to 1847. ISA has more than 535 members, including some of the most exclusive private educational institutions in the Kingdom. -United.

The future of some private schools is something that has come under threat in recent years, with unpaid fees cited as a major factor. Moreover, it is believed that the pandemic will have only exacerbated the problem.

ISA said the sustainability of private schools was a “major challenge facing many now.”

It is understood that the basis of the new partnership was that Frontline Collections was already successfully helping a significant number of ISA members to recover unpaid tuition fees.

Frontline collections are a household name in the professional debt collection industry. In addition to being specialists in debt collection for private schools, they advocate for other sectors such as the recovery of unpaid veterinary fees, the recovery of dental costs and assistance to private daycares.

The Manchester-based debt collection agency operates a nationwide service and has operational regional offices. Since their launch in 2005, they have raised millions of pounds on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Frontline’s notable sister company is the highly accredited B2B debt collection expert, Federal Management.

Alec Warburton, New Commercial Director of Frontline Collection, said on the ISA website: “The ISA plays a central role in the private education sector and we are proud to work with them to support independent schools. across the UK. We know that some schools are currently facing major challenges when it comes to non-payment of tuition fees, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them to resolve the issue ”

“We look forward to working with the ISA and its members, while making a positive contribution to the sustainability of the ISA community”

With the UK on the verge of entering another lockdown, the debt collection industry appears poised to play a major role in helping the country’s economy recover from the coronavirus.

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