Athena Collections Becomes No. 1 Debt Collections Agency in the UK with Over 50 Five-Star Reviews Taking a No-Things Approach


Multi-award winning Athena Collections transforms the negative perception of debt collection with an ethical model that protects business relationships, gets results, and ensures better results for all.

Athena Collections (“Athena”) has officially become the UK’s top debt collection agency with 50 or more five-star reviews on Google, as the business takes a unique and ethical approach to recovering debtors’ money .

Operating a different kind of debt collection model that aims for positive outcomes for all parties, Athena is the only agency of its kind to garner flawless feedback on such a large scale – racking up various awards and nominations from companies in the process.

At only five years old, the Poole-based company is already establishing itself as the go-to solution provider for any business aiming to collect money from debtors in an efficient and stress-free way.

Athena founder Andrew Athineos attributes the company’s growing success and reputation to a smart approach to debt collection services – covering early stage arrears, litigation, insolvency, tracing, process processing and asset verification.

The company works on a no-collect, no-commission basis, no sign-up fees or hidden costs at any stage. But above all, Athena applies a virtuous philosophy to a region with a historically difficult reputation.

Having worked in the collections industry for over 20 years helping businesses recover millions of pounds, Andrew has witnessed firsthand some of the destructive practices used, with some desperate clients being exploited by agencies.

In an attempt to subvert the debt collection agency model, Andrew created Athena – putting transparency above all else and focusing on the best outcome for the client, ideally creating a scenario where all parties are satisfied .

Andrew said: “All clients come to debt management agencies from a place of pain.

“They provided a service for which they weren’t paid – and that often means there can be a lot of emotion involved.

“I have seen vulnerable customers and businesses taken advantage of in the past, and that is unfortunately the reputation of the debt collection industry.

“I created Athena to change that. Here we make recommendations in the best interests of the client, treating each on a case-by-case basis and ensuring they are fully informed of all options available to them. him.

“It’s a different way of doing things, but we’ve had great success as a result. About 50% of our business comes from repeat customers, and we’ve become the only debt management agency with more than 50 five-star Google reviews.

“We also enjoyed wonderful recognition on the awards circuit.”

Athena specializes in everything from quick cases resolved within 48 hours to longer and more complex debt collection processes that span months. But each particular case receives the attention it deserves.

Athena also offers advice to clients so they can prevent future financial difficulties, sharing information on debt management alongside ongoing assistance throughout any claim.

The company plans to expand over the next few months, with the aim of recruiting more debt advisers and financial experts to support an even larger client base.

In the post-COVID climate where government support has slowed and overall costs are rising, Athena offers an essential service to businesses seeking payments while protecting the integrity of everyone involved.

Founder Andrew added: “Our sole aim is to change the mold of debt collection agencies and that is what we will continue to do.

“We embrace a right-from-wrong ethic and it has worked.

“We always achieve the best results for the parties involved.”

For more information on Athena Collection’s award-winning five-star services, visit the official website.


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