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The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish official national statistics on vaccination coverage of health workers (healthcare workers), school-aged and eligible children generalist registered patients who are used to formally evaluate the program year on year, are cited in the public domain and reported to the World Health Organization. These data collections are managed through the ImmForm website. Providers should ensure that they complete these data declarations through ImmForm during the appropriate time windows throughout the season.

UKHSA coordinates data collection and will publish details of collection requirements and guidance on the data collection process. This guidance and data on influenza vaccine use will be available in the guidance on vaccine use and latest coverage data.

In addition to established ImmForm data collections, as has been the case in the previous 2 seasons, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) will also collect vaccination data for internal operational management purposes. Further information will be provided on this in advance of the flu season and providers should ensure that they meet their contractual obligations in this regard.

Questions regarding the content or the data collection process should be emailed to [footnote 1]. Questions regarding ImmForm login details and passwords should be emailed to

Reduce the burden of data collection

Considerable efforts have been made to reduce the burden of UKHSA data collections and these are regularly submitted for approval to the Data Coordinating Council (DCB) or have undergone a full burden assessment by the former central reporting review (ROCR) and Load Rating and Advisory Service (BAAS) operates within NHS Digital. More than 95% of generalist practices have benefited from the use of automated computer data feedback for final data collections extracted directly from generalist system providers (GPS) in the survey from 2021 to 2022. generalist practices that are unable to submit automated returns should discuss their arrangements with their GPS. If automated returns fail for monthly data collection generalistFirms will need to manually submit mandatory data elements to ImmForm to meet contractual obligations.

Data collections for 2022 to 2023

Monthly data collections (healthcare workersschool-aged and eligible children generalist registered patients) will take place over 6 months (for healthcare workers and generalist patients and 5 months for schoolchildren) during the 2022 to 2023 influenza vaccine program. Subject to Data Coordinating Council approval, the first data collection will be for vaccines administered by the end of September 2022 ( data collected in October 2022), subsequent monthly collections thereafter, and final data collection for all vaccines administered by the end of February 2023 (final data collected in March 2023). For schools, the final data collection is for vaccines administered by the end of January 2023 (final data collected in February 2023).

Data will be collected and published monthly using NHS geographies and by local authorities (THE) level.

During the data collection period, people working in the NHS with the relevant access rights can, via the ImmForm website:

  • see their adoption by eligible groups
  • compare itself to other general practices or anonymous domains
  • validate data at entry point and correct any errors prior to data submission
  • view data and export data to Excel, for further analysis
  • use automated data upload methods (depending on the provider of the GP system used to generalist practices)
  • access data from previous years to compare with current performance

The data and tools provided by ImmForm are a reliable source of information. These can be used to facilitate local and regional management of the influenza vaccination program, improve monitoring of inequalities and the impact of interventions to address them.

All NHS Trusts are required to record flu vaccinations, for staff and patients, at the point of service using the data entry application(s) specified by NHSEI. Point-of-care data capture provides day-to-day management information, enables comprehensive aggregation of immunization activity for healthcare workers across delivery models (Trust, generalist or community pharmacy) and ensures that vaccination events return generalist recordings.

Beginning with the 2022 to 2023 season, data collection for frontline healthcare workers also includes coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination coverage to enable direct comparison during flu season.

Weekly follow-up

Weekly usage data will be collected from generalist practices that have fully automated snippets provided by their GPS. This data will be published on GOV.UK.

During the data collection period, people working in the NHS with the relevant access rights can, via the ImmForm website, view this data according to the monthly collections described above.


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