allpay partners with Payzone to expand its collection offer


UK-based payments specialist Allpay has partnered with Payzone to add 12,500 more stores across the UK where customers can pay their bills in cash.

Allpay was already able to offer collection via the Post Office and PayPoint networks. By adding Payzone, their cash offer is now available to 99% of urban residents as well as 95% of rural residents in the UK, according to the press release.

In its recent annual consumer survey, allpay revealed that cash continues to be the preferred method of payment for a significant number of payees, accounting for an average of 11% for each bill payment. Company officials explained that by the start of 2021 they had surveyed 1,000 people across the UK, with varying household statuses. The results revealed that fewer social tenants were fully confident in managing their money and paying their household bills.

Allpay representatives added that with the addition of Payzone, they continue to build for the future, meeting the needs of their customers and customers wanting to use the flexibility of cash as a payment option. They see the impact of cash and how it will support social inclusion for the foreseeable future and therefore this is strategically seen as a step forward for allpay and its customers.


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