🌱 Harmful debt collection + Moda hides behind Kotek


Happy Friday all! The end of the week always gives me energy and warms me inside. Oh wait, that’s my coffee. Well, let’s see what the day brings.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Cloudy skies with a few showers later in the day and highs of 47.

Here are today’s top stories in Portland:

  1. Unless an agreement is reached by then, approximately 1,200 municipal workers represented by the Regional Council of Trade Unions (DCTU) will go on strike at 9 a.m. on February 10, union leaders announced at a January 27 rally. A strike solidarity fund raises funds to support workers. DCTUwho negotiates on behalf of city ​​workers in six unionshas been in negotiations with the city management for over 19 months. (Nwlaborpress)
  2. the Portland city makes it even harder for those who can’t pay their bills due to the way he tries to collect debts. A city audit found that Portland’s inconsistent and uncoordinated approach to collecting taxes, fines or fees can be confusing and even harmful. “The city’s collection policies are inconsistent across offices and people could get caught up in a confusing maze of letters, extra fees and penalties,” said KC Jones, Director of Audit Services. (KGW.com)
  3. There is still no opening date for any of the six homeless shelter villages the Portland city promised to create last year, but one site caught the interest of a local homeless service provider. Helping Hands Re-entry Outreach Centerswho manages the private Bybee Lakes Hope Center Homeless Shelter located in the old never used Wapato Jailoffered to run a city-designated safe rest village in Southwest Portland. (OregonLive)
  4. Tina Kotek obtains assistance in his candidacy for the seat of governor of Moda Partners, a subsidiary of Portland Health Insurer. Moda spokesperson Jonathan Nicholas says the company is can’t wait to see Kotek at Mahonia Hall. “We worked with Tina Kotek for many years and I have great respect for the role she played as president of Oregon House“, Nicholas said. “We are confident that as governor she will be a strong and visionary leader for our state.” (Willamette Week)
  5. A Portland Bureau of Transportation report found that 70% of the 27 pedestrians hit and killed by cars last year were homeless at the time of their deaths.. The annual report laid bare how far the city is from achieving its Vision Zero Policywhich sets a goal of eliminating all road deaths by 2025. In 2021, despite the tens of millions spent on the campaign over the past few years, the the city has seen the highest number of road deaths since 1990according to the report – an annual total of 63 deaths. (OPB)

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  • Portland Trail Blazers: “”The bolder young girls and women see us being, the more I think it will empower other women and young girls to dream big and pursue what they want” – @coachednieshacurry Happy National Girls and Women in Sport Day!” (Instagram)
  • Portland Trip: “@MikeBennettArt keeps doing Portland a better place. His The “A to Zoo” and “A, B, Sea” exhibits are now installed for your enjoyment in the heart of downtown as part of the @portlandwinterlightfestival! #PDX #PDXNOW #TravelPor…” (Instagram)
  • Portland Audubon:The Black Phoebea once rare species in the Portland Metropolitan Areais becoming an increasingly common sight. Christmas Bird Count have included black phoebes in the counts regularly for a few years, and it became…” (Instagram)
  • Portland Parks and Recreation: “While we don’t have MARMOTS here in the northwest pacificour ecologists confirm that this fearless beaver has NOT seen his shadow when he was walking past these young students, making us…well, 100% unsure if we’ll get a spri early…” (Facebook)
  • Oregon Historical Society: “OHS is saddened to learn of the passing of former Portland Mayor Bud Clark at the age of 90. John Elwood “Bud” Clark, Jr.is born in Idaho in 1931 and moved with his family to Oregon in 1937. Later he attended Vanport College (now Portl…” (Facebook)
  • As the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in homelessness exacerbated the problem of garbage being dumped on public property, Metro RID Patrol Cleaning Services respond to the call of ‘taking out the trash.’ In a recent publication, Metro stated, “RID Patrol cleans up dumped or abandoned dumps. It also investigates evidence found in dumped garbage and eyewitness accounts of dumping incidents on public or private property.” (KOIN)

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It’s your Friday, my friends. May it be a fun and relaxing weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about your Saturday in Portland. Now I think I’ll have another coffee.

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